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Current Status of the West Adams Prep Labyrinth May 8, 2013

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Dear friends and supporters of the West Adams Prep Labyrinth:

As you know, this project was fully a grant-funded school and community based project started with a powerful vision filled with hope, peace and promise for future generations to provide an oasis in the heart of the urban jungle of Los Angeles.

I am writing today to share the reality that this beautiful garden in which many hands, hearts and minds collaborated upon from 2008-2010, is now no longer in existence.

The reasons are many and simply going into the “story” and the details at this point is senseless.  The fact is the vision was born, was fully funded, implemented with complete dedication, and was not sustainable due to the bottom line- the water was turned off of our carefully installed drip irrigation system.  After persistent efforts seeking support from school administration and community partners to turn the water back on, we were not backed up.  Student volunteers provided months and months of watering with a garden hose, however after some time, the garden simply could not withstand the hot, dry and relentless heat of southern California.

The lessons learned are many, however, at the end of the day, circumstances beyond our control, i.e. “budget cuts”, leadership turn-over and other changing priorities,  were not factored into the equation in terms of sustainability.  Perhaps this vision was “ahead of its own time”? The “silver lining” is that the students, educators and other stakeholders who believed in this project were inspired and passionate and accomplished an amazing visionary urban garden labyrinth project from start to finish.  We educated and enlightened thousands of high school students and adults about the power of the labyrinth for self-reflection and personal transformation.

The inspired documentation of this project in words, images, video and personal testimony is “evergreen” and we are eternally grateful for this opportunity to pay homage to an ancient rites of passage in the 21st century if for only “a blink of an eye”.  I welcome any comments or questions here.

Much love…

Lórien Eck