West Adams Prep Labyrinth

a Sacred Spaces/Urban Places™ project

Labyrinth Creators- the Students Speak Out! June 11, 2009

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Reflections from their contribution and the process of creating a permanent garden labyrinth at West Adams Prep HS.

“This experience was very fun and I am proud to have been a part of it. It was a project that was both spiritually inspiring and enjoyable. I hope people will enjoy it for many years to come.”

-Wesley A. Lane


“I had doubts in the beginning, maybe people were not going to appreciate it, then I started to realize how important it was for everyone to go through with the plans. During the digging I felt as if our work and efforts were pointless but along the way something happened, the sweat and muscle put into the labyrinth began to make sense. It wasn’t about the gratification nor fame it was for the inner peace.”

-Pamela Velasquez


“At first it was a burden, because our entire class lost hope. The “man” tried to keep us down by requiring to have many permits signed. Once we got the green light, it all started to flow again. We started to work on the labyrinth and then I shot footage doucmenting the process. At this point, I had a regained sense of faith. Overall, I am so happy about the way that it turned out.”

-Aidan Galindo

Grade 12


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