West Adams Prep Labyrinth

a Sacred Spaces/Urban Places™ project

About our Labyrinth- Be sure to check out our recent posts too! March 20, 2009



West Adams Student Aidan Galindo’s video-

Our web blog is a living document of our project, the WA Labyrinth, a living green space for reflection and meditation, at West Adams Preparatory High School in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It is the 1st of its kind in all of LAUSD (the 2nd largest public school system in the US). Our Labyrinth is the first of its kind on a school campus in California. The WA Labyrinth is permanent and came about through an inspiraton from my own experience with labyrinths. I wrote and received a grant through the Teacher Innovation Grant program that MLA Partnershools (www.mlapartnerschools.org) offers annually to teachers who teach at West Adams Prep. The purpose of the WA Labyrinth is:

•adds natural beauty and a “green space” to the WA campus and an urban environment

•creates a sacred space for reflection, silence, and meditation

•is something that you can share and enjoy alone or with your friends and family- it is for the entire WA community

This is an interactive site so please leave your comments, questions, and insights….please sign our Global Guestbook too!

We hope you enjoy our blog and will come to West Adams Prep HS to experience the WA Labyrinth.

And, as a friend once said…

“stick to the path…keep your eye on the prize …and take all your friends along with you. all power to the labyrinth!”


58 Responses to “About our Labyrinth- Be sure to check out our recent posts too!”

  1. Mr. Brodie Says:

    I am so proud of Ms. Eck and all her students! It is amazing to see all you guys working together! Can’t wait til it’s finished…

  2. Ms. P. Chen Says:

    Looking good after Day 2! I’ll definitely have to check it out tomorrow after school. 🙂

  3. Mr. Fawcett Says:

    it has been enjoyable to watch the progression of this project and it is gratifying to know that students and teacher have made a committment to developing something unique to the school and district. any buried treasures?

  4. Mirna Rivera Says:

    Just Beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. It is nice to see that we have a lot of caring and inspiring teachers working at West Adams. Activities like this one are what students will value most and take with them once they graduate from high school. Congratulations to Ms. Eck and all of the students who have participated in this project!!!

  6. Ms. Eck Says:

    Thank you everyone for the heart felt words and thoughts….
    You rock! Together we can do it!


  7. Wolfie Says:

    OMG!!!! the pics are amazing :]
    i’m so proud of all of us.

  8. mgalin1 Says:

    The pix look great from the birds-eye. This must be how Icarus saw things millennia ago. I was going to stop by this week but I think I’ll let the pictures tell the complete story and see the finished intricacy undisturbed. Can’t wait. By the way when will the first minotaur be let loose?

  9. Mike McGalliard Says:

    Very well conceived and executed. First rate project. I’m really proud of all the people involved in putting this unusual, interesting and good smelling piece of art on the West Adams campus.

  10. Maceo Says:

    Looks great! I feel the energy already. What an outstanding collaboration between teachers, students, and the private sector… can I help water the bushes so they can grow to their maximum (10 feet) height?


  11. Kevin Lum Says:

    Ms. Eck has an uncanny ability to think out of the box and truly inspire our West Adams Prep students! Congratulations to her and all her students for designing and constructing this space for the entire community to enjoy — a space completely unique to any LAUSD campus! And we have it at West Adams Prep!!

  12. Crazy Mary Says:

    wat sup! that looks so cool…. man thats my baby….. im very durty from all that hard work… help me i need a bath…but by just saying how beautyful it looks.. peace. PANTHERS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

  13. Mr. Gomez Says:

    wonderful project… when do you start offering it to the betterment of community health? because this teacher needs a quiet, green space to meditate and regroup…

    will you hold it against me if i coach at your rivals?

  14. Ms. Eck Says:

    And, as a friend once said…

    “stick to the path..keep your eye on the prize …and take all your friends along with you. all power to the labyrinth!”

  15. Ms. Barsky Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, there is a tie for the first annual West Adams Prep GOLDEN PANTHER award…
    And the winners are (sound the trumpets): Ms. Eck and students for “The Labyrinth Project” and Ms. Redd and students for “Culinary Cafe.” Combine the two, and West Adams could have an amazing rosemary vinaigrette to put on the market and jump-start our economy…Can you dig it? What a privilege it is to work with such gifted and talented people. Thank you!!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    As if…Eck and the ECKY scholars don’t have any equals at WAPHS.

  17. Nancy Says:

    Awe inspiring! Some of my middle school student will be going there for high school. Will this be permanent? Can you explain how the project came about? Also, how is it currently used by your school community?

    • Ms. Eck Says:

      Thank you for your good questions- they are addressed on the revised About page. We are rolling out student-led guided tours and presentations to the entire WA community through April. Feel free to visit- the WA Labyrinth is open to the public via the athletic field entrance off of Orchard.

  18. Cazares Says:

    It’s truly beautiful and inspiring to see growth and involvement in our young people here at West Adams Prep. Inspite of the negative uninspired decision being made by our Board of Education’s leadership, our students along with Ms. Eck plant seeds of hope; a place to find the rosemary sent of solace and tranquility amidst the unsettling stunning belch of an irksome Leviathan.

  19. Mrs. Theisen-Homer Says:

    Wow! When can I take a class here for a socratic discussion? This is wonderful:)

  20. Ms. Eck Says:

    You can visit the Labyrinth with your class anytime…. feel free!

  21. Ms. Kogan Says:

    Wonderful, wonderful and yet again, wonderful! What a concept, Ms. Eck–you and your students should be proud!

  22. Jessie - Rios Advisory Says:

    The Labyrinth is awesome. It really seems to emit a sense of peacefulness when I’m walking inside it. My best wishes that it will grow up to be one of the most visited places in West Adams :3.

  23. It’s been wonderful watching the labyrinth come to life. You’ll get an amazing feeling just walking in the labyrinth. Hope, sad, confused, joy are some of the many feeling you’ll feel. JUST GREAT.

  24. Raul - Rios Advisory Says:

    Well…the labyrinth is a really cool place to relax. It makes you forget about your problems when you are walking in it. I think this is one of the best projects West Adams Prep students have made. Hopefully the labyrinth make other students relax, like the way I felt.

  25. I found it a great place to walk in. I’m sure the feeling will increase as it grows taller. It’s a fun little place, grow even better with time. Everyone needs to walk it at least once

  26. nessa Says:

    yey all our hard work paid offf!!!! it is finaly finished and it looks awsome!!!! im proud of all the people who helped!!!
    yey we did it guys its so awsome!!!!!!

  27. Bryan, Perez-Rios Advisory Says:

    First of all congratulations to all the teachers and students that help out with this wonderful labyrinth, yesterday i had the opportunity to visit this wonderful site and let me just say it was great to walk in it and feel the peace and relaxation, it seems like a great place to think and just relax and again congrats.:-)

  28. DAVID ABREGO Says:


  29. Kenneth-Rios Advisory Says:

    The Labyrinth made me realize that magic can happen. I was feeling very sad and walking the labyrinth made all my troubles go away. This will be an experience I will never forget that moment.

  30. Manuel - Ms.Rios Advisory Says:

    Finally its done MS.Eck. we worked so hard to complete it. There goes hard work from your students and myself who participated in completing this project.

  31. JULIO-Rios Advisory Says:

    Havent been there yet but it looks really good and im glad that we have teachers at West Adams Prep like Ms. Eck to put something together like this. Good job guys and i hope to go soon.

  32. Ulices -Rios Advisory Says:

    Great work with the labyrinth, thanks to the hard worker.

  33. MICHAEL -RIOS Says:


  34. flor Says:

    I liked because it looks organized, but I think it’s too small.
    For me it was a good experience because it was nice to walk it until we got to the middle part. It seemed that some people don’t appreciate the work of others because i saw many pieces of trash and it’s supposed to be clean.

  35. Salvador- Rios advisory Says:

    The labyrinth was the most wonderful thing i have walked through it was very peaceful and soothing. Naw just playing it was very tight the design was good.

  36. lorena Says:

    it was kinda kool

  37. Bryan,Perez-Rios Advisory Says:

    First of all congrats to all the students and teachers that help out with this wonderful labyrinth, yesterday i had the oppotunity to visit this great labyrinth and let me just say it was good, it seems like a great place to relax and think about your problems so again congrats.:-)

  38. lorii - Ms.Rios Advisory Says:

    walking the labyrinth made me find myself and felt refreshed(no joke!!)and thought bout the last few days of school…so sad!!but happy =] very nice labyrinth by the way!!!

  39. kenneth Says:

    loved it dearly!!!! i mean woah i fell in love there with a the pretty flowers , when i walked it felt like heaven!

  40. Angelica - Ms.Rios Advisory Says:

    It was fun to walk in and out of the labyrinth. IT also made me actually think about the days left of school before graduation day.
    I am excited until 6/18/09. it smells good toooo.

  41. Prakash Says:

    Pure light here and wonderful labyrith…we weave the sacred spell 2 Heal all…

  42. Michelle - San Francisco Says:

    The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there. ~George Bernard Shaw

  43. Kim Frasse Says:

    Ms. Eck and students,

    What an impressive project and what fantastic results! I
    wish we had one at LA High!
    In France, I saw what must be one of the last remaining labyrinths at the cathedral of Chartres. In the middle ages, they were considered symbols of the universe and of knowledge and occupied a special place at the entrance to the cathedral.
    Great work!
    Kim Frasse
    LA High

  44. wolfie's brother Says:

    this is the reason why she came home all dirty for a week . lmao. anyways good job

  45. Wolfie Says:

    I been checking the blog and we need to make a section for the commite, if we’re goin to have one that is 😀

    Also Ecky! i got some ppl that would like to help keep the labyrinth alive!

  46. John Lynch Says:

    The whole MLA staff at West Adams Prep took a tour through the labyrinth at the end of a staff meeting recently… I didn’t realize it but it’s a pretty long trip! Thanks to Ms. Eck and a bunch of hard working, artistic young Panthers for creating such an impressive landmark on our campus.

    Mr. Lynch

  47. Kurt Krueger Says:

    What a beautiful, creative, energetic and living labyrinth. You are to be commended. Thanks for being INSPIRITS. Blessings of Light and Love for all those who walk it.

  48. Trish Cooper Says:

    I cannot wait to see the labyrinth when I visit LA. Maceo has kept me posted from its inception.
    Kudos to the creators of this wonderful work of natural art.
    Trish Cooper (Maceo Willis’ Mom)

  49. Kate Warren Says:

    A beautiful idea – I wish I could be there to walk it – must have been a real joy to create together… Peace and love to all of you…

  50. i love the labyrinth and the student involvement. i am a labyrinth designer and i want to introduce in a big way labyrinths to schools in Hamilton ontario (and hospitals, hospice, parks, etc.} and it is hard to find anecdotal or clinical research needed to convince school boards and such. the way your labyrinth has been vlaued and the way it is still unfolding is exactly the reason they need to be introduced. well done. if you have any advice do share about how to go about introducing. thanks and congratulations. i will use your site as a reference to those interested in the true impact of labyrinth making and walking. cheers

  51. Vanessa Says:

    Congratulations! What a great project. Be proud.

  52. **angela romero*** Says:

    OMG!!! it amazing how, if you set your mind to do something you always succeed.

  53. steve Says:

    keep up the good work.the labyrinth is so awesome:)you all rock!!!!!!

  54. Patricia Says:

    It is a pleasure to see people working TOGETHER to accomplish something that so many will benefit from. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Patricia Says:

    It is wonderful to see people working TOGETHER to accomplish a goal that so many will have an opportunity to enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

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